#11 Facebook

I have registered with Facebook and asked a few people to be my friend!  Takes me right back to primary school, hope no-one turns round says they won’t be friends with me.

It was interesting checking out the ways to find friends.  I first searched for my sister because I know she’s on there (and I’m fairly sure she won’t reject me); then I found a whole heap of names/pictures presented to me because they are also State Government of Victoria group members.  Then I went and edited my profile and put in my school name.  Suddenly there were people who I wasn’t surprised to see (also doing this course) but also people who used to work where I do, including one who I am sure would not want to be friends with me (so I didn’t ask!!!).

I wasn’t able to view the videos because I’m doing this at home and we only have dial up.  I think I’ll have a go again next week at work – I’d like to see a few more examples of the sorts of things that go on.  People tell me it gets better when you’ve got some friends aaaarh, I feel like I’m in the playground again.

I had a quick look at some of the groups.  Some of them were scarey (You’re in Australia so speak English) others just plain silly (I use more than 2 teaspoons of milo).  Haven’t yet found any I’d want to join (and would I want to join a club that would have me for a member!).

Anyway, that’s the facebook column ticked.


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