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There’s no doubt there is some fantastic stuff available on You Tube and Teacher tube but it can be very frustrating too.  One video which I LOVE is actually an ad for a technology company in the US.  It’s about these people who build aeroplanes in the sky, while they are flying with passengers in them.  The workers tell us (one with a tear in his eye) how much they love their jobs!  To me it really sums up what we need to be doing with techology in schools.  We don’t have time to wait for the infrastructure to be perfect  we need to be getting into it and using what we do have and moving forward at all times.  If we wait until we have enough computers or network points or bandwith or whatever before we start using this in the classroom it’ll all be too late. 
Building planes in the air

I have tried and tried to actually embed the video instead of linking it but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  It all looks fine until I actually save it.  I shall persist, however.  I will consult with the resident geek girl when I get back to work tomorrow.

It took me a few goes to find this video again today which seems to be a bit of a problem with youtube/teacher tube.  I started doing this topic a few days ago and found a video I really liked that showed a girl putting a picture of herself on a noticeboard and then multiple people were able to take it from the noticeboard.  It was pointing out the problems with putting photos on the internet and how you can’t get them back once you have.  I thought it would be a good one to show to students but I can’t find it now.  Obviously it’s important to keep a note of what you see and like at the time you do because these videos seem to move in mysterious ways!

I’ve found another video that I like and will try to embed as well (if I ever work out how).  It’s a warning to educators to not be scared of technology and to use it rather than ban it in schools.  I think there are plenty of people in education out there who could learn something from this but unfortunately they may find the technique of SMS language incomprehensible…what do you think?  It’s called “Technology fear factor in education” .  Here’s the link, the video may or may not appear below now too. 



This is another video I loved, I’m just going to link it, it’s all about how NOT to do powerpoint presentations.  Very funny and unfortunately too true. How not to PowerPoint


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