#22 Second Life

Hmmm.  Can’t see myself getting into this one.  As other people have commented, it’s hard enough finding time to do what you have to in your real life.   Had a good laugh at www.getafirstlife.com though.

I guess it would have a greater appeal to people who are into this kind of gaming – most likely younger people – so I suppose I should try and get over my reticence.  However I’m struggling with just how much learning/time would have to go into it in order to get anything that I see as valuable out of it.  Unlike most of the other web 2.0 tools that we have covered which I have quickly seen uses for and acted on, second life seems like it would take a big commitment before you get the rewards.  Of course, without having actually tried, I’m not really in the position to say…but I can’t see myself trying in the near future.


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