#23 Ebooks and Audiobooks

I think the Ebooks available through sites such as World eBook Fair are a fantastic resource for libraries.  As with anything though, it’s a matter of remembering to use it!  I’m not sure if I would want to read an eBook for pleasure – that’s something I usually do in bed, lying on my side, and I’m not sure that an eBook reader would be the most comfortable bed companion.  However, for research and academic purposes having these millions of titles easily available is fantastic.

I can see myself getting more use out of the free audiobooks that are available.  As I’ve said before, my kids enjoy listening to audiobooks in the car on long trips and my husband and I are both very anti in-car DVDs – you’ve got to look at the scenery when you’re travelling!  Audiobooks are the ideal compromise for bored kids and having a free source is all the better.  I even worked out how to save the files to my computer so that I can turn them into CDs or load to an MP3 player (when I get one!).  When I subscribed to an audiobook podcast earlier I couldn’t figure out how to use the files other than listen on the computer.


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