I’ve loved doing this course and I think I’m going to miss it!  I couldn’t believe how quickly some people finished, I’ve really enjoyed dipping into it every week or so – it’s given me time to put to use some of the things I’ve learnt.  Probably the thing I’ve used most so far is blogs – I now have 5 that I manage, including this one.

Other stuff that I’ve found really useful are Google Reader, Google docs, iGoogle and Wikis.  I was already using del.icio.us and it continues to be a fantastic tool, no wonder it won 1st prize in the web 2.0 awards bookmarking category.

Even though I haven’t had call to use them much yet, learning about the resources available on youtube, teacher tube and through podcasts, ebook and audiobook sites has been great and I’m sure they will be used soon.

I plan to continue writing this blog, I want to explore aspects of technology in education and I’ve found the process of writing for the course an enjoyable.  It’s been fun to see on my cluster map widget that my blog has been visited by people from various parts of Australia as well as North America and Europe!  But I don’t mind if I just write it for myself, the value to me is in the doing!


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