What are you doing with Web 2.0?

I have been asked to present a concurrent session at the SLAV library technician and assistants conference on October 13.  It will be a reflection on the Victorian School Libraries Learning with Web 2.0 Program which has been attempted/completed by 8 library staff at my school.  I would also like to use some feedback from other people who have done the course, particularly from library technician/assistants, and especially on what web 2.0 tools you have actually used as part of your job.

Please comment here if you’d like to help.



  1. I would be happy to provide some feedback for you. I am a library techician at Mount Evelyn Christian School. I completed the course and at the moment am brainstorming for my own blog to be used in the library. I am trying to do it from a purely library point of view, rather than an educational point of view, as I am not a teacher. I’ve got lots of ideas which I hope to be putting into practice asap.
    Fiona Haynes

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