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I registered as part of the blogging corner group some time ago and I’ve been receiving the email updates but this is the first time I’ve participated…now that the SLAV Learning with Web 2.0 program is over I think I need a weekly prod to produce something, I hope it will be worth reading!

Me the learner.  Wow, where do I start.  This year has been amazing.  It started with a SLAV conference back in March where the Learning with Web 2.0 program was promoted.  I’d seen it in the flyer but hadn’t paid it much attention but the presentation by Lynette and Leslie from Yarra Plenty Regional Library (they ran the course) pushed my buttons and now, barely 6 months later I’m preparing to present at the next SLAV Library technicians conference on our Web 2.0 journey.  The “our” is my entire library staff of 8 who have all (almost) completed the course.

We have 2 libraries as we are a 2 campus school.  We now communicate using instant messaging, we have a blog called “Did I speak to you about…” which is where we have a meeting when we can’t have a meeting.  Our procedures manual wiki is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

After meeting up with an old friend at another SLAV conference I decided to set up a staff reading challenge.  She had done this successfully at her school and it sounded like a great idea.  We have lots of staff who read widely and we regularly host staff morning teas to display our new purchases.  I had already planned to create the “Reading Cafe” blog to promote online discussion about books and reading.  The idea of the reading challenge (staff are challenged to read a number of books, 2 of which must be young adult, before the end of the year) soon meshed with the blog to become a challenge where participants must post a blog entry to register the books read for the challenge.  In this way I would kill two birds with one stone and, by stealth, introduce some of our staff to the idea of blogging.  It has been moderately successful so far.  Quite a few people have registered and have been made writers for the blog but only a few have actually completed a post.  I hope to entice more next week when we celebrate book week (yes, I know it’s a week late, but it clashed with science week and parent teacher interviews and we simply weren’t going to be ready in time) with an online staff book quiz that offers bonus points for anyone who posts a review during book week.  And there will be prizes.  I have my fingers crossed for a flurry of activity.

I have been learning to do new things all along the way and as soon as I do, I try to teach/show/share with someone else.  It’s a great maxim that learn/do/teach is the best way to consolidate learning and I believe it is SO true.  The best thing about my web 2.0 journey has been the sharing and learning from each other…which is why it makes so much sense to me to start contributing to blogging corner – hope you agree!



  1. One of my readers has reported that her book club and reading blog is working well in attracting both males and female school students (half are boys) including some anti-readers. She says “Reading club has opened up a new dimension in reading for many of my children, they want to help participate and design the blog, which is very encouraging”.

    Totally agree the best part is sharing and learning from each other.

  2. I think a blog is a great way to share information about reading. And playing with new tools can be very satisfying!

  3. Hi Heather

    You’re right about the importance of doing something and then teaching someone else. It also puts a bit more pressure on us to use what we’ve learned I think.

    I love your Reading Cafe blog. Found some good recommendations there for when I have some time to read something other than school stuff.

  4. I checked out your Reading Cafe and loved the idea. I’ve just emailed the url to our librarian, hoping that she might take it up at our school in Baku. I would see a role for such a blog (or wiki) for children’s and adult’s books.

    Congratulations on participating in this little group. First time for me as well. I’ve been blogging on educational things and my time in Baku but it’s challenging writing something regular. Now that I’ve started into a M.Ed however, I think it will be considerably easier as there is obligatory reading.

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