Where’s my Clustrmap??

Last night when I went to my blog the Clustrmap widget had disappeared.  Not only that but it was no longer available to be added to the sidebar.  I’m very distressed about this!!  One of the best thing about writing this blog is having a look and seeing that more people have visited and where they have come from.  Just the other day I was very excited to see a dot appear on Azerbaijan after Leigh Newton had commented on my post on Me the learner, and now I can’t show it to anyone!  Not happy Jan.

I went to the Clustrmap site thinking I could set it up again and paste the code into a text widget.  When I tried to register my blog address I got the message that it was already registered.  So then I tried to log in using the forgotten password link (did I have a password for Clustrmaps??  I usually record them in an excel doc. but not this time?) and was told that the URL was not registered.  AAAAAGGHHH!@#$%*! very frustrating, very cross Jan!

What do I do now?



  1. I’m sure that Global teacher was upgraded like Edublogs which means that you haven’t lost your Clustrmap. Just log into your dashboard, go to plugins and activate the “Widget Pack”. Once you have done this you should see your Clustrmap back on your sidebar if you check your blog. (But if I’m wrong please let me know).

  2. Thanks Sue.
    I love the blogging community. Sue and I have exchanged a few emails to get to the bottom of this. We haven’t yet, but I live in hope.
    In the meantime I’ve installed a counter…but it’s just not the same!

  3. It’s back!!
    Thanks to Sue who contacted James who fixed the problem. The global teacher dashboard now has “plugins” next to settings and users in the top right corner. From there I could see and activate the widget pack.
    Thanks Sue for your help – you’ve made my day!

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