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Wow, who would have thought a year ago that I would have favourite blogs, or even a blog of my own.  But I do, it’s fun being on this journey.  I’m writing this post for the Edna blogging corner challenge.  I’ve been thinking about it all week – it’s really tough trying to decide which are my favourite blogs.

Back in May, when I was doing the SLAV Learning with Web 2.0 program (from whence this blog was born), I set up a google reader account and started subscribing to some blogs.  The first few included Lucacept; The Hub; Learning Gems; Hey Jude; Bluyonder, and weblogg-ed.  I chose three of these because I’d recently heard the authors at conferences (Jenny Luca/Lucacept, Will Richardson/weblogg-ed and Greg Whitby/Bluyonder); The Hub I had already been subscribed to by email (and straightaway saw how much better it was to view a blog through a reader), the final two were linked from or mentioned by Lucacept or The Hub (I think)…which brings me to one of the fascinating and fantastic things about RSS and reading blogs – you keep finding more great stuff to subscribe to!!

My Google Reader now has 39 subscriptions and I have subscribed and subsequently unsubscribed to a few more along the way when they didn’t deliver what I was expecting.  I’m still finding it manageable because using the reader via iGoogle is very quick and easy although there are a couple I could probably lose.  That’s the thing about reading blogs though, you keep finding links to other interesting blogs – it’s exponential – when you don’t read any, you don’t find out about any others so you just don’t go there.  As soon as you start regularly reading a couple you start to follow links to others, they look interesting so you subscribe to them…and on it goes.

I’m still subscribed to the original six, and they are still delivering the sort of content I’m interested in.  Others that I’ve added that I would particularly recommend are:

Jeff Utecht’s The Thinking Stick

Sue Water’s The Edublogger – full of great advice about blogging, especially in educational settings.  Also her Mobile technology in TAFE, excellent ideas, advice and how-to’s.

Michelle Martin’s The bamboo project – kind of like Blogging corner with Web 2.0 Wednesday challenges, but lots of other interesting stuff too.

Victoria Davis’s Cool Cat Teacher Blog – one very with it and wise teacher with some great ideas and the thinking behind them.

Lauren O’Grady’s All teachers are learners, all learners are teachers – a young teacher with lots of great ideas and a real spark of enthusiasm…and a local (to me in Melbourne).


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  1. I love my google reader too.
    I have web 2.0 learning as a search term for slideshare plus assorted blogs as feeds. Get about 600 average per day. I use list format and it is a breeze to go through it. The blogs listed above I have some through Greader and some as email. I like both formats.

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