Just got to work and logged on – Twitter is blocked…don’t know why I didn’t predict that.  Now to see if I have the power to have it unblocked!!



  1. Oh, the joys of IT departments!

    I would suggest collecting as many work-related tweets as you can, creating a business case and have the site unblocked!!!

    While you are at it you could highlight the benefits of microblogging and maybe even get work to encourage the use of Twitter (or maybe Yammer would be more readily adopted for in house use – http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/698282).

  2. I think my request to unblock Twitter will succeed, another state school teacher uses it in her school. My main concern was that Twitter might be in the same class as Youtube – unable to be unblocked by individual schools.

  3. An update:
    Twitter has been unblocked, as has work literacy. Good.
    Both sites appear without formatting. Bad.
    Both Twirl and BeTwittered work. Good.

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