I was just trying to catch up on my Google reader which had snuck up to 200+ unread items even though I’d cleared it only on the weekend.  I came upon Jenny Luca’s post on the future of libraries, referencing John Connell’s post which clearly I haven’t worked back to yet.  As always an inciteful, thought-provoking aritcle of particular interest as I am a teacher-librarian too.  From Google reader I went to the comments (five); I don’t always do this but when I’m interested and when there is clearly some discussion going on I do.  A quick flick through the comments revealed 4 people I felt I knew…and then I stopped to think, I haven’t actually met any of these people.  I felt I knew them because of the community I have found myself in – blogs, Google Reader, Twitter – it’s a nice feeling, just needed to share that!


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