Twitter rocks!

I know plenty of people have said it before, and plenty more will say it later…but Twitter rocks!  I have had two experiences recently that only confirm what a powerful tool Twitter really is.

The first happened last week.  I have been working on the new ning (I’ve written about the 2009 ning here and here) for next year’s year 12 cohort (we’re launching it to them during their early commencement program next week). 

As I had done with the original ning I applied via the Ning Help to have the ads removed as the ning is for purely educational purposes.  Last time it happened fairly quickly but I had been waiting several weeks with no movement of the ads. 

I have been struggling to use Twitter this term as our school internet provider has been quite erratic – even thought twitter is on the school “white list” I still get the red screen of death more often than not.  I think I’ve written here before that the iGoogle gadget BeTwittered still works even where Twitter is blocked but I don’t find it so useful or immediate as my usual Twitter client Twhirl.  Anyway, I happened to be making the effort to engage with Twitter last Friday and saw a tweet from Ning Advocacy so I replied:


A few minutes later I had this reply:ningreply

And not 10 minutes later the ads were gone!

The second great experience was today.  I have been helping out in a program for disengaged year 10 boys.  They are planning, constructing and planting a vegetable garden for the school.  The aim of the program is to keep these boys at school into year 11 and the VCAL program. 

My part has been to set up a blog where they can post their reflections on the project and put up their photos. 


Today was the first opportunity we’d had to have them actually log on and write a post and all five of them wrote an introductory post about themself.  They also had a think about what should and shouldn’t be written on the blog and together we came up with some blogging guidelines (with help from Kim Cofino and ISB’s blogging guidelines).  They renamed the blog “The Mill Park Boys Outdoors” – I’d called it (boringly!) The Garden Project, I knew it would be changed!  When I got back to my desk I put out a couple of tweets asking for feedback.


I was absolutely thrilled with the response and I can’t wait to catch up with the boys and get them to check it out for themselves.  I’m sure they will have new motivation to use the blog now that they know they have a real audience.

So thanks to all the lovely people who have responded (Roger, Shelley, Christian, Diane, Kate and Renai).  If you are interested in what our boys are up to visit The Mill Park Boys Outside and please, leave a comment!


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