I love listening to podcasts! So often the radio is repetitive and boring (or full of sport) and when you have to drive 20 minutes or more to and from work it’s nice to think you can listen to something useful and actually get some value out of the time.  Even better, most podcasts can be downloaded automatically and for free from the iTunes store.

Online Degrees.org have just published their Top 40 podcasts for teachers.  It’s a fantastic list with suggestions for teachers of all disciplines and I’m going to have some fun checking out some new resources.  One that was missing is my absolute favourite podcast: The Ed Tech Crew which is produced by Tony Richardson of IT Made Simple and Darrel Branson (The ICT Guy), an Ultranet coach from Mildura.

Online Degrees.org have also recently published Creating an Educational Podcast which is an excellent rundown of things you’ll need to consider if you want to try podcasting yourself or with students.  For step-by-step instructions check out How To Podcast.

Have you ever created a podcast either with or for students?

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to (education related or not)?


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