Hotmail hacked

My apologies to anyone who received the previous (now deleted) post.

My rarely used Hotmail account was hacked and a message sent to all my contacts.  I only use Hotmail these days for two things:

  1. When I have to give an email address to a website or for a form where I’d really rather not
  2. To post to this blog using Posterous

Hotmail worked better than my work email for using with Posterous as the messages don’t come with various disclaimers automatically attached.  I’m looking into setting up a new email address just to use for Posterous.

The hacker also deleted all my contacts in Hotmail so I was unable to send a warning email about ignoring the first message.  My own dad didn’t look too closely at the message and automatically clicked the link…I’m hoping there aren’t any damaging repercussions, he has updated his virus software and run a scan.

Anyway, apologies again and a reminder that nothing is really secure.


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