New Gmail account

After the debacle of a couple of months ago I have finally gotten round to removing hotmail from my life completely. There was some mixed emotion when I noted that I had first signed up to hotmail in February 1998 – my relationship with hotmail is older than my eldest child; however sometimes you just have to move on.
So I’ve created a gmail account and this post is my first test of posting to the blog via gmail and posterous.
All my Google accounts are now accessed via my gmail address which at 19 characters is significantly shorter and simpler than my edumail address (which comes in at 35, including 18 after the @). I’m happy that I now have a web email address at a reliable and reputable site that I know will remain mine – having an edumail address is dependent on being employed in a Victorian school.
Good-bye Hotmail, I won’t be missing the extraordinary range of junk you brought me!

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  1. I love my gmail. I have had hotmail, yahoo, and I started with Juno. In fact, my cousin still has a juno account. I can’t believe it.

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