QR Codes

I have been having a bit of a play with QR codes lately. I’ve been hearing about them for some time but I didn’t really understand their application


or value until I started playing around myself. I’m still a novice but I’m starting to see lots of uses for them. I’ve put up a few around the library connecting to Scoop.it resources – a couple of students have asked what they are and have downloaded a scanner to check them out. Next week I’m running a competition (see right) for students. I won’t be publicising it, I’m just going to stick it up on our weekly trivia board and see what happens.  I wonder how many students will turn up for their prize (a chocolate frog)?  They’ll have to show me the message on their phone as well as tell me the code word.  I’ll do something similar with the staff too.

I came across this infographic from the Daring Librarian this afternoon – what a fantastic quick guide! I think I’ll display a copy of it after next week’s competition or perhaps earlier if I don’t get much response.

QR codes

QR_Code_Comic_Tutorial, a photo by The Daring Librarian on Flickr.


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