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  1. Dear Bailie:

    My name is Donna Price and I’m an assistant librarian at the Jefferson Public Library. Lately, we’ve been putting together a new page for the Library’s website featuring useful online resources for our patrons, particularly teens and young adults.I’ve borrowed some new and interesting links to include on our new web page. Hope you don’t mind!

    I received a lot of help from the dedicated members of our Library’s Afterschool Club. (They were the ones who brought your wonderful site to my attention!) Some of them asked me to share a link to another site they felt your students would find extremely useful:

    Public Speaking Resources

    This is actually an impressive resource, with links to over 20 public speaking sites featuring a wide variety of helpful tutorials and tips that can help anyone become a better public speaker.

    Hope you can use it!


    Donna Price
    Assistant Librarian
    Jefferson Public Library

  2. Donna – thanks for your kind comments.
    My weekly posts of new and interesting links are auto-generated from the sites I save to Diigo each week. It’s a really easy way to share some new content on my blog when I so rarely these days actually get around to writing a proper post. I’m glad they are useful to someone.
    I look forward to exploring your Public Speaking Resources – I’m sure we have some students who will find them useful also.

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