Thing Two: mobile photography

20130510-074352.jpgOne of the best things about having a smart phone is the camera. I love having a decent camera with me at all times but even better is the ability to share my photos almost instantly. True, digital technology revolutionised photography but the freedom to share photos without going near a computer is something else again. I just love how easy it is. I’ve tried out lots of photography apps but the one I keep coming back to is Camera+.  It’s my go to app for taking as well as editing and sharing photos. I usually have the iPhone camera set to video so I choose what to open depending on if I want to take a photo or video. Camera+ has some nice quick edits, you can crop or rotate, some special effects and a range of frames. You can also import from your gallery and use the editing facilities.


Another favorite is 360 for panoramas – it’s a lot of fun and very effective. My daughter loves to pop up 4 or 5 times in the one shot. You can see one here. http://360.io/Gnh6SE

The possibilities and applications for sharing photos are limitless, I’ve barely scratched the surface here. The best part is experimenting and there are heaps of free or inexpensive apps to help you.


PS Thanks to 23mobilethings I’ve started using Instaweather to share a daily photo with information about current weather conditions, it’s added another dimension to my morning commute as I look for a scene to illustrate current conditions.





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