Thing three – email on the move

Having a smart phone has revolutionised the way I manage email. In the past checking email on the weekend involved firing up my laptop which is an unbelievably slow, frustrating process (and if I’d last used it at school the added complication of switching proxies). Now a quick glance at my mobile and I’m up-to-date. I don’t think it means I’m working more in my own time, I only respond if something is urgent; but it does mean I’m on top of things and have to spend less time on email at the start of each work day.
I’ve recently started using Mailbox app – it’s brilliant. With simple swipe gestures I can quickly delete, archive, save to a folder or hide till later. It’s the last feature that makes this app a real time management boost so that you only keep visible emails that you need to deal with now and delegate the others to the time (this evening, next week, a set time etc) when you need to deal with it. As an incentive there is a daily picture which only appears when you have achieved inbox zero – with the later function this is easy to do at least daily. The only downside to Mailbox is that it only works with Gmail at the moment. If I could use it for my Exchange accounts it would be brilliant.
As far as library use of email goes – I’m all for it, and if my school could gets its act together as far as a student email system goes it would be great…in the meantime …
The public library I belong to uses email for reserve notifications and reminders for returning which is great, until you come to rely on it. Recently I copped a sizeable overdue fine (my kids borrow a lot of books) because I returned books late after NOT receiving my email reminder. When I enquired I was informed that the reminders were merely a generous service but the responsibility still lay with me. True, I guess but then it transpired that my email address had mysteriously “dropped” off the system. Hmmm, not real happy with that.




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