Thing 6: video

So, the limitations of completing the challenge only using mobile devices are starting to appear. I can’t find any way of grabbing YouTube code to embed here. It seems the best I can do is get the link. Well, I’d rather embed so even though that goes against the spirit of what I’m trying to achieve, so be it. I’ll publish this now ( from my phone, on the train ) but I’ll come back and edit next time I’m on my PC.

I’ve used video in a number of ways, both in the library and as part of my ICT coaching role. I’ve used both YouTube and Vimeo for uploading video; Jing, Debut and Screencast-o-matic for screencasting, and I’ve played around with various phone and iPad apps for video.

Talking Tom library welcome from Heather Bailie on Vimeo.

Some examples: as part of library orientation we made some short videos to incorporate in an online quiz; for book week I made a quiz for teachers and had some people read famous passages from books for the participants to identify author and title;

Nette1 from Heather Bailie on Vimeo.

I’ve videoed guest speakers and uploaded the videos to YouTube and then embedded the video in a Ning network. I regularly make screencasts for quick “how-to’s” – it’s so much simpler and more efficient to “show” rather than tell. My favourite tool for screencasting on a computer is screencast-o-matic – it’s great because you don’t need to download any software and it is very easy to share your video using YouTube or Google docs and you can save to your computer as well.

Creating instructional videos using an iPad is also quite easy and very effective using apps like Explain everything. Here’s one I made about the Flipboard app as part of a workshop at Slide2learn last year.


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