#YourEdustory Learning…in 100 words (or less)

CC0 Public Domain image from  http://pixabay.com

CC0 Public Domain image from http://pixabay.com

Learning is the process of acquiring and refining knowledge, skills, habits, opinions, values…

Learning is different for everyone.

Learning is messy, fun, challenging, never-ending, frustrating, scary, rewarding…

Learning is something others may guide, motivate, inspire, instruct, or expect you to do, but;

Learning is in your own hands – you cannot be made to learn.

Learning is something I do every day, and hope to keep doing for the rest of my life.



  1. It is interesting to read everyone’s post on Learning. I agree with the idea that learning is scary- until last year I was too scared to continue my learning cause I hadn’t enjoyed it in a formal situation. Now that I do it in my own time and how I want- it’s fun and never-ending.

  2. I agree, there are lots of great ideas being shared. Even if learning isn’t exactly “fun” it shouldn’t be unpleasant…makes me wonder about what our students think from day to day.

  3. Beautiful definition of learning! Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  4. Love the term “messy” when talking about learning….we need to keep using that to help student know it’s okay when things don’t happen like they think they should. 🙂

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