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  • The heart of great classrooms has always been caring, passionate adults asking compelling questions that motivate students to deeply understand important skills and ideas. But we also believe that it is increasingly difficult to prepare young people for a digital world without letting them rehearse in mobile, online spaces. We believe that learning to work with new information is essential, and it is impossible to think about learning to work with diverse sources of information without asking students to learn how to efficiently navigate the internet. The end product of solving complex problems is often a performance—some of those performances are still written documents or mathematical computations, but increasingly, students need to be able to perform their understanding in print and in person, with media and online. Even those students who are excited about a working life in the trades need to be prepared to sell their services in an online marketplace, to constantly update their skills in online learning settings, and to participate in a civic sphere conducted in a networked world.

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  • How does one navigate the diversity of their students—learning diversity, cultural diversity, and economic diversity? Differentiated instruction.
    The modern teacher must differentiate. A paradigm shift must be made because not all students are the same. Today’s education cannot exist in a cookie-cutter world.

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  • The lines have become foggy as the Internet blurs the lines of fair use copyright issues. We all know that copying and pasting text without permission or attributing to the author is plagiarism. What’s unclear is what falls into that category. Here are a few resources on guidelines, and then our list of the top sites for open source images that are safe to get pics from. You might find that one site will be your go-to site for open source images, but there are indeed choices out there, and you might even contribute some of your own images to share.

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  • Terminology changes aside, Google Apps for Education offers tons of benefits to schools. For starters, it’s free. It also offers unlimited storage and makes collaboration among students a cinch. But mastering everything there is to know about Google Apps takes time, and trying to sort through all of the sources of information out there today can be quite a challenge. That’s why we’ve created The GAFE Guide to Top Professional Development Resources for Teachers

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  • Students require constant feedback in order to be actively engaged and strive towards growth while learning new concepts. Technology, as an instructional tool, can be especially powerful when used to conduct formative assessments. Why? Because technology has the ability to provide feedback instantly. Feedback must be timely, personalized, and specific in order for it to truly transform our classrooms.

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