RIP #Storify…hello #Wakelet

In December, 2017, Storify announced that it was closing down as of May 2018. This came as a blow to many who had used it to turn social media posts into stories, creating records of events, explorations of ideas, collections of links and, in my case, a digital essay for my MEd study.

Storify offered a four-step process to export the code which I had a quick look at, but too be honest my geekiness doesn’t run to that level and I could see myself spending a lot of time figuring out what to do with it.

Fortunately Wakelet has surfaced as an alternative and recently I was contacted by them with a link that took me to their Storify import tool. From there the process was simple. I had to go to Storify and add a line to my bio for verification purposes. Once that was done my Storify stories were presented for me to select and once chosen I hit “begin import”.

Storify stories presented to select for import to Wakelet

Selecting my Storify stories to import to Wakelet

And that was it, a few minutes later I was informed by email that the import was complete. Check out my stories on Wakelet. The only thing I’ve lost is the record of the crazy number of views my digital essay has had…my one and only experience of going viral!

Here’s my essay as it now appears on Wakelet and, until May 16, 2018, how it looks on Storify.

You don’t need to wait for Wakelet to contact you, simply sign up for an account and you will see the Import from Storify button.




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