One of the first things I have to do this year is to encourage/persuade/demand that all our staff complete the DEECD (Victoria) ePotential survey.  From the ePotential website:

The ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource supports teachers developing their skills to integrate ICT into their classrooms.   This resource enables teachers to see and use the potential of ICT for powerful learning.  
The ePotential survey is available to all Victorian Government schools… teachers [who] have taken the survey … have access to classroom resources corresponding with their level of ICT capability.

The data we get from this is a great tool for planning for ICT for the college so I’m really hoping that we get a better response rate than the 53% from last year.  This year time to complete the survey has been built into our three pupil-free days at the start of term 1 (our complete quota of curriculum days for the year, but that’s another story) so I’m cautiously optimistic!

To assist staff with accessing the survey I’ve created a screencast which shows how to get to the survey and shows a snapshot of what they can get from the ePotential site. 

I’ve also created a very simple Google form so that people can record when they’ve completed the survey. Unfortunately in Google forms you can’t make the “Name” field a required question so (after experiences last year) I’ve sneakily put in the question “What is your staff code” so I don’t have to ask their name twice!  I’m thinking of having a prize draw – everyone who has completed the survey by 3pm Friday gets the chance to win a bottle of bubbly.

What do you think, do you have any other ideas to motivate teachers to complete this survey?


PD, Showcase, ePlanning

I’ve had a busy 10 days or so.  Been out of the school on no less than 3 of the last 8 school days and my head is buzzing with lots of ideas.  There was the SLAV conference last Monday which I’ve already written about; then last Thursday my campus principal asked me if I’d like to be our sole representative at the DEECD Innovations showcase … would I?  Silly question, of course I would. 

It was a fantastic day – very inspiring speakers, lots of good AND do-able ideas, plenty to take back and talk about.  The only disappointing thing was that teacher-librarians were not represented anywhere in the program (including 18 concurrent workshops).  A real opportunity lost I feel; I know from experience at SLAV conferences that there are plenty of TL’s out there doing innovative stuff – we can’t afford to be just preaching to the converted (ie a room full of TL’s).  So I sent an email to Mary at SLAV along those lines, knowing full well that her response would inevitable include a hint/suggestion that I might like to put my hand up!  Here’s what she said:

I was registered to go but unfortunately ended up with too many things to deal with last week.Fortunately, I had already heard the keynotes at other events.

The timeline of the planning of the event was extremely short and we already had so many things on and I was asking our members to already contribute to events that SLAV had planned in advance that I didn’t think that I could ask anyone to do anything else extra last week.

The innovation people are very aware of what SLAV (and its members) are doing in relation to Web 2.0 and the online program and are interested in talking further to us – so I am following that up. They also had staff at our conference on Monday.

Anyone can offer to be part of the showcase and maybe they don’t need to be prompted by me – but we will alert our members to offer workshops in the future.

When next I meet with Katrina Reynen, the Manager of Innovation and Next Practice, I will find out if they intend to make this style of thing a regular event and we can get a list together of prospective presenters. Are you interested in being part of this list?

So I replied “I’m thinking maybe a reflection on the Web 2.0 online stuff – what I/we learnt and the different directions people have gone with using all these new tools…that sort of thing” … I said I thought a team approach would be more appropriate/appealing (to me) – who else is up for it?

Today I have been at the Whittlesea district ePlanning Workshop which was run by our Ultranet coach Anesti.  Again it seems I have put my hand up for something which is bigger than Ben Hur and I’m now officially part of the ePlanning team who are charged with the task of writing the school’s eLearning plan (and, presumably, having a big part in making sure the plan actually happens).  Like most things of this nature it’s pretty scary on the face of it, but it’s exciting too.  In terms of my job and the library’s place within the school I’d much rather be part of it than not.