Google Keep colour codes

Google Keep was one of my big takeaways from last year’s EdTechTeam Melbourne Summit (are you coming to this year’s?). I’d been hearing about it for a while but I thought it was just Google’s version of Evernote and, as a huge Evernote fan and continuing user, I figured it was one less thing I needed to know about.

How wrong was I!

It turns out Keep is a complement to Evernote, not a rival or alternative. While Evernote is fantastic for organising study notes, managing research; storing, annotating and searching PDFs, generally anything you want to keep long term; Keep is better suited to those short term items. You know, the ones we use sticky notes for in the analog world.

Anyway, I’m now a big Google Keep fan and I promote it to teachers and students to help them get organised too.

Being a serial organiser I love the colour coding feature and have set up a system for my personal Keep account and a different one for my work one. I put a pinned note with my colour codes explained (plain white, all text – how dull!) on each account. All good, sort of.

Inspired by Kasey Bell I started adding images to notes like my ongoing to-do lists (one for my current study subject and one that is just general stuff) but with Kasey’s inspiration I’ve now used Canva to create a colourful customised note to explain my colour-code system.

Here’s the before and after for my personal account:

GK colour code text version GK Colour code colour version

So much better!

If I needed more categories I could have used grey (how dull!) and no colour (aka white) but six is enough for me. Any finer categorising I need to do can be done with Keep’s labels.

So now my gift for you!

The category image was created in two steps using Canva. First I created an image with the six colours but no text. I downloaded that as a png and then uploaded it back into Canva where I added the category text over the top of each colour, I then repeated the steps to create a different version for my other account. To save you the trouble of identifying the hex codes for the six colours and adding the shapes to a rectangle on Canva, here is that image. Feel free to download and do whatever you like with it!Google Keep Colour coder - no text