How will I make the world a better place? #YourEduStory

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I must admit I’m not good with questions like this. I mean I’m just me, one little (ok, not so little) person in this world of 7 billion plus. How can I possibly, on my own, make the world a better place?

And the truth is I can’t, not on my own.

But what I can do, what I already do, is have a little influence in the education of hundreds of children and the professional learning of many teachers. In turn each of them may influence hundreds more and so on. So, what I can do is ensure that the everything I do reflects the things I think are most important:

  • Humanity
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Sustainability

I can promote the use of information and technology in collaborative and creative ways to empower others to make changes (however small) for positive impact on others. I can share what I know and learn because no one benefits if I keep it all to myself. I can be there for support and assistance, and I can recognise when to shut up and let them learn on their own.

I can keep on being a teacher. I might be one tiny drop of water or grain of sand but isn’t that what every ocean or desert started with?

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A new year, a new blogging challenge

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This poor blog has been sadly neglected – I’ve been focusing on writing on my Thinkspace blog, the reflective tool for my Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) studies – but the tweet I saw this afternoon from my friend Celia caught my eye:

I checked out the link and the challenge looks interesting AND do-able! I’m not promising to write much but I’ll make the effort to write regularly AND I’ll make the effort to comment. One of the things I found most satisfying about the subject I did in second semester last year (INF536 Designing Spaces for Learning) was the requirement, not just for regular blog posts, but to comment on three other blogs on each topic. It’s so easy to read a blog post and have your own thoughts; so much tougher (and sometimes scary) to commit to responding…but as the writer of blog posts so rewarding to get those comments.

I’ll probably rely on the weekly topics but who knows, I might find new inspiration too. So here goes…

What is your “one word” that will inspire you in your classroom or school in 2015?


As the Library Manager at my school I am hugely excited that we are changing over to a new library management system AND introducing LibGuides this year. They will both, in their own ways, separately and together, allow the library to develop new and stronger connections with students, teachers, classes, subjects, teaching and learning. We will go from having virtually no online presence to a 24/7 library. Bring it on!


23 Mobile Things

I just happened upon the 23 Mobile Things website this afternoon and I’ve quickly decided its just the impetus I need to get back to blogging regularly.
But this won’t be ordinary blogging, this will be mobile blogging. I’ve downloaded the Edublogs app onto my phone, connected my blog and I’m composing this post on it as we speak (so to speak)! In fact I’m very mobile, this is being written as I wait for my train home to arrive.
A quick glance over the scope of 23 Mobile Things shows that there’s lots of stuff I’m already familiar with but I’m really looking forward to looking at these apps and sites with a more reflective eye via the structure of the course and the questions it poses.
Let the fun begin!