Digital Bloom’s…it must be spring!

Bloom’s revised taxonomy and higher order thinking skills have been the flavour of the month here lately.

I came across Mike Fisher’s Visual Bloom’s wiki and forwarded it to my principal. 

Digital Blooms

She loved the visual representation with Web 2.0 tools  but wanted an annotated version to share with the leadership team.

Annotated blooms

Annotated visual blooms

Mike Fisher describes his work as “an implementation point, a discussion starter” and we had some interesting discussion about his diagram in our leadership meeting.  One person mentioned that she didn’t like the diagram’s similarity to the healthy eating pyramid and the inference that there should be more lower order thinking skills than higher order and her thoughts must have been echoed by others.  The diagram is described “a work in progress” and when I visited the site today I discovered that this revised diagram was added less than two days ago:

Visual Blooms 2


The new graphic also recognises that various Web 2.0 tools can be used at different levels according to the context of the activity.  The site is well worth a look at.