Find a new toy!

This weeks blogging corner 2008 challenge was to find a new web 2.0 tool to explore.  I decided to check out Diigo as I’ve heard a bit about it lately.  Diigo is a social bookmarking site along the lines of Delicious with some extra features.  What I like is the ability to highlight sections of text and add “sticky notes” with your own comments which are retained when you next visit the site.  I didn’t install the Diigo toolbar, just their “Diigolet” which seems to function as well as I need.  There’s a lot more to Diigo that I can’t at this stage see myself using, quite a few features that are very Facebook-like a wall for comments, messaging and sharing with friends.

Having been an enthusiastic Delicious user for over 18 months now I’m not sure that I need to change, but I’m happy to be convinced if you think I should be.  Actually, I’m not sure whether it is simply a choice of one or the other, I’ve been reading lots of blogs lately and people often seem to have both listed.  I wonder how they maintain the two or whether they use them differently?

One thing that drew me to Diigo for this task was reading yesterday about an Interactive Whiteboard challenge that has been set up.  Participants are asked to  

Please join the Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom group on Diigo. Favourite your Whiteboard Challenge blog posts to the group and use the tag ‘whiteboardchallenge’ (all one word). This means that everyone in the Diigo group will have notification of all the Whiteboard Challenge blog posts.

I can see that part of it being really useful for collaborative projects and it is better than delicious’s network in that it includes a forum for discussion.

I’ve exported my delicious bookmarks and imported them into Diigo.  Very quickly realised that the bundles from Delicious don’t translate into Diigo’s lists which means I’ll have to do that manually.  The bundles feature of Delicious is one of my favourite features and what really makes this style of bookmarking different to the standard browser favourites.

I shall continue to play with Diigo and see if it wins over Delicious or not, or if there is room for both in my life…

By the way, I’m heatherb on Diigo and dashingdevo on delicious.