What have I been doing?

I’ve really dropped off regularly writing for this blog but it hasn’t been deliberate, more the product of a busy life.

I’ve been keeping up (more or less) with Twitter. I go in fits and starts, having extended conversations with a few people over the course of an hour or so, then nothing for a few days. I check in at least a few times each day and am continuing to enjoy the banter – really love the connectedness, even when I’m just observing.

I’ve bought a couple of new toys – my very first iPod, a 16Gb nano and an FM transmitter/charger so I can use it in the car. I downloaded iTunes a couple of months ago, mostly for podcasts, and started loading my CD collection about a month ago. That was a bit erratic, I must say – many of my cd’s loaded without any dramas but more than a few (10-15 out of 120+) make iTunes completely freeze up and it won’t work again until I reboot the computer. Very frustrating, and even more so as no-one I’ve spoken to has ever had the same problem. At first I thought it was something to do with older cd’s but then one from only a couple of years ago did the same thing so who knows?

One of the joys of having the iPod and car kit has been listening to the audio files from the K12 online conference. They are mostly around 20 minutes long so are perfect for my drive to or from work. I know I’m missing out a bit by not having the visual component but I am getting a lot out of what I am hearing and lets face it, if I wasn’t listening while driving to work I wouldn’t get to hear/see them at all. I’m determined that next year I will make the effort to be listening/viewing during the conference period so I can get involved with the live events.

I’m thinking about buying a netbook for various reasons. I’ve used an ASUS eeepc briefly and thought it was pretty natty, but yesterday on twitter and today during the OZNZ Educators meeting the MSI Wind was highly recommended to me by Allison and Dean. I’ll do some further investigating, but it looks like this is a good choice. If the kids are going to have their DS’s I think I definitely need a netbook for our trip to Vietnam – wonder what the wireless availibility will be like?

I’ve been playing with lots of new toys and tools. I’ve installed Skype and had one conversation. I bought my own usb headphone/microphone and have now participated verbally (no camera yet) in the OZNZ Educators meeting. I’ve made a screencast for teachers at my school showing them how they can access our intranet from home and didn’t die of shame or embarrassment when I heard my recorded voice (thought it sounded ok actually). I used Microsoft Community Clips rather than Jing for a smaller file size and more common file type – the picture is not particularly clear but I think it does well enough to get the message across.

I’ve been keeping up with the many blogs I subscribe to through Google reader on my iGoogle page. It’s amazing how quickly the posts stack up. One moment I’m congratulating myself for getting the list to zero and the next thing there’s 20, 50, 100 new posts. I think it’s a big part of why I haven’t been posting myself, I’m too busy reading what all you clever other people have to say and figuring that you say it so much better than I would!

Mostly what I’ve been doing over the past few days (and particularly right now) is avoiding doing any preparation for the presentation I have to do next Friday on blogs and wikis. It’s for a curriculum day at my school so an audience of people I know which is nice…but doesn’t mean I shouldn’t prepare.

Before I finish I just have to play the proud mum and mention my gorgeous girls and the fabulous job they did as flowergirls yesterday. It was the first part of R & H’s wedding celebrations, which will continue in Vietnam in a month, and we’ll be there!