Embedding in the Ultranet – a new series

This is the first post in what I hope to make an ongoing series.ultranet_logo

Here in Victorian government schools we have a new-ish Learning Management System called the Ultranet.  Teachers will use the Ultranet to assign and assess Learning Tasks; to collaborate with their colleagues; record and share their professional learning and create resources for their students.

The Ultranet has Web 2.0-like tools such as wikis and blogs which can be used to provide access to all kinds of resources.  One of the key things I want to be able to do is to embed things I or others have created using other Web 2.0 tools – videos, podcasts,  animations, documents etc.  These might be resources I have prepared for my students or they might be the students own work.  I have found that some things embed easily while others simply will not.  My limited understanding of HTML code allows me to see the difference in the types of codes that embed and those that do not (any code that begins with “iframe” is guaranteed not to work) but sadly I don’t know what to do about it – perhaps someone will comment here and help me out.

What I do know is that it would be useful to others to know what will embed easily in the Ultranet before going to the trouble of creating something, rather than after, and that is what this series of posts will do.  Each post will also describe any other issues around using the tool in the school environment – for example something in the way my school’s network and internet filters are set up prevents me from uploading to certain sites even though I can visit and embed their content.

Future posts will describe a tool or range of tools that perform a particular function, with tips and ideas about how and when to use, but for today, just a couple of quick tips.


Something as ubiquitous as Youtube doesn’t require me to explain anything about what it is and does BUT it’s worth knowing that you need to use the Old embed code for Youtube embeds to work in the Ultranet.youtube


I’ve described authorSTREAM previously, in this post.  Its embed code works fine in the Ultranet and there is no problem uploading your PPT file from within the school network (it can be scarily slow though, be patient it will get there).


Again I’ve described Issuu in this post.  Embedding in the Ultranet is absolutely fine however I had to upload my PDF file from home.