I am so excited about Jing!!!  I’d heard the name mentioned once or twice before as a good screen capture tool but I had no idea how easy it would be to use and how clever it is.  I think it will be invaluable for preparing for the conference presentation – I’m hoping to have live access to sites but it always pays to have static versions available – but I think the possibilities are endless.

One of the first things I will do is make a video showing people how to post a review for the Reading Cafe site which I can email out to everyone.  The only thing I’m not sure of is whether my laptop has a microphone built in.  I didn’t think so but in my test video (see A new post below) I could hear the keys tapping.  I guess it would be worthwhile getting hold of a better microphone anyway.

Now all I have to conquer is actually embedding videos in a blog.  I tried several times to embed my first Jing but have only succeeded in linking to it…which is ok I suppose but I really want to make it look proper!  I’m having the same issues with Youtube…is it me, my blog or what???

But back to Jing.  How fabulous, how easy, how much fun am I going to have with this, not only for videos, probably even more so for still images – what can I say, try it yourself!