Embedding in the Ultranet – ProProfs Quiz

ProProfs Quiz maker is an easy way of making quizzes and tests for students.  I have used it for library orientation, for Book Week quizzes and for tests.  Here is one I did for Book Week this year that was designed to get students to look at our library Ultranet space:

Unfortunately I couldn’t actually embed the quiz in the library collaborative space because the code is of the “iframe” type.  I did put it into the space in its own iframe application but that’s not my preferred option as the students then see advertisements as they are not premium members like me.

Cheered by recent successes using “iframe” embed code in Learning Tasks, this week I put my year 10’s IT test into a Learning Task.  I checked out the task as a preview and from my perspective it was working perfectly.

I really shouldn’t be surprised when things go wrong but I was caught out again!

When the students opened the Learning Task there was just a great big white space where the test should have been.  Luckily I had also placed a link on our class collaborative space which was the way most of the students ended up accessing the test.

I also got some of them to try using Firefox and guess what? – worked perfectly.

So, in short, ProProfs quizzes will embed in a Learning Task but not a Collaborative Space; they will display in Firefox but not in IE9.