One of the first things I have to do this year is to encourage/persuade/demand that all our staff complete the DEECD (Victoria) ePotential survey.  From the ePotential website:

The ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource supports teachers developing their skills to integrate ICT into their classrooms.   This resource enables teachers to see and use the potential of ICT for powerful learning.  
The ePotential survey is available to all Victorian Government schools… teachers [who] have taken the survey … have access to classroom resources corresponding with their level of ICT capability.

The data we get from this is a great tool for planning for ICT for the college so I’m really hoping that we get a better response rate than the 53% from last year.  This year time to complete the survey has been built into our three pupil-free days at the start of term 1 (our complete quota of curriculum days for the year, but that’s another story) so I’m cautiously optimistic!

To assist staff with accessing the survey I’ve created a screencast which shows how to get to the survey and shows a snapshot of what they can get from the ePotential site. 

I’ve also created a very simple Google form so that people can record when they’ve completed the survey. Unfortunately in Google forms you can’t make the “Name” field a required question so (after experiences last year) I’ve sneakily put in the question “What is your staff code” so I don’t have to ask their name twice!  I’m thinking of having a prize draw – everyone who has completed the survey by 3pm Friday gets the chance to win a bottle of bubbly.

What do you think, do you have any other ideas to motivate teachers to complete this survey?