A Personal Web Presence

I’ve been thinking about my Personal Web Presence (PWP) since I had a fabulous day recently at the State Library Victoria. The presenter was Steve Hargadon and the focus on Personal Learning Networks.

Steve has established a ning: Teacher 2.0 – your personal and professional growth

Teacher 2.0 is an independent community for educators to explore their interests and passions, and to build a network of support for educators at all levels. Through this community, with online events, interviews, and workshops, our goal is to have educators help each other become re-energized in their careers and in their contributions to the world.

and through the day we explored personal learning networks (PLN), digital footprints, eportfolios, social media tools and so on. The range of experiences within the room was broad but Steve was skilfully able to make everyone feel that their contribution was valued – there was something for everyone whether a newbie or seasoned pro.

I’m very comfortable with the notion of a PLN and I have cultivated(!) mine to be an incredibly useful and entertaining resource. I hope that other people find me a useful contributor to their PLN too. We talk often about students having digital portfolios, indeed part of a student’s Ultranet Express space is a Learning Portfolio, but I hadn’t previously thought much about an ePortfolio for me. My big takeaway for the day was the need to consolidate my PWP, now! Gathering all my web stuff into one place is not something I’ve explored much or done very thoroughly or diligently. I have tagged my stuff with HeatherBailiePortfolio in Diigo and Delicious but that didn’t extend to presentations I’d uploaded to Slideshare or authorSTREAM and doesn’t provide contact information or a nice organised place to share such things.

Initially I decided to use Google sites because I’ve had some experience with it and use it with my year 10’s for website creation. Back at school I made a start but it was slow and some things weren’t working – embedding network membership badges for one.

On the day another site, Weebly had been mentioned so I thought I’d take a look…Wow!! What an easy, elegant, intuitive, good-looking, comprehensive tool! No going back, it’s an absolute winner…and I’m going to use it with the year 10’s too.

It’s taken a few weeks but I’ve finally got the site to the point where I’m happy to publish it.   I got the extra motivation I needed from participating in the Teacher 2.0 Mightybell experience (which I strongly recommend you check out if you haven’t already).  The librarian in me is determined to have a logical menu and sub-page system; my “not very creative but I like things to look good” side has dithered endlessly over the choice of design and then even more over a header (and I’m still not entirely happy with the way it looks although I like the concept – a mash-up of my home pages of sites I’m a member of); and as a busy teacher and parent there’s always something else I should be doing…

It will, by definition, always be a work in progress but I think I’ve done enough to publish – here it is http://hbailie.weebly.com. I’ve lashed out on a pro site so I can have my own favicon (amongst other things) but I’m still wavering on whether I should commit to my own domain name (hbailie.com and hbailie.net are both available, I’ve checked!).

So I’d love to hear what you think about my site: the design, the header, the menu set-up, the content, the domain name…and what about you, do you have a PWP?